CBS 2030

The Town of Conception Bay South has a long history of planning, which has helped it grow, both in population and in stature, as a modern Town.



The most recent Plan was adopted in 2012 and has guided the Town during a period of record-breaking growth. In the six years since the 2011-2021 Plan was prepared and approved, change has continuously taken place. Residential subdivision construction is ongoing, the Conception Bay South Bypass Road (Peacekeepers Way / Route 2) has been completed, and new commercial development is being constructed at the power centre on Legion Road. The population has grown by some 1,300 people over the last census period, yet the population (like much of Atlantic Canada) continues to age. Climate change and its associated local effects is increasingly on peoples' minds.

As the current Plan and Development Regulations reach the end of their planning horizon, it is time to take stock of successes and challenges in the Town over the past six years. The Plan review represents an opportunity to review the vision for the future of the Town and to tackle change in a holistic way. It is an opportunity to:

  • Review the service expectations of residents, and put tools in place to meet these expectations.

  • Capitalize on the development trends of the past decade.

  • Prepare for and adapt to aging populations and a changing climate.

  • Ensure the community is developing in an efficient and sustainable manner.


The CBS 2030 project will:

  • Analyze past development trends and estimate future development trends.

  • Engage residents, business owners, and other stakeholders.

  • Review the community’s Vision and Guiding Principles.

  • Review and update zoning.

  • Update existing policies and develop new polices on topics such as:

    • Housing

    • Environmental protection

    • Coastal development

    • Heritage

    • Recreational lands

    • Renewable energy

    • Commercial and industrial areas

    • Home-based businesses

    • Roads, sidewalks, and trails

    • Agriculture

    • And more!


Why Plan?

The Municipal Plan and Development Regulations are documents that set out Council’s policies and rules for where and how land is developed. Good planning helps us:

  • Provide enough land for housing, commercial uses, and industrial activities.

  • Protect homes and other sensitive uses from excessive noise, odours, and other nuisances from more-intensive uses.

  • Guide the shape and character of our community.

  • Use services efficiently and save tax dollars.

  • Prepare for change, such as aging populations and the impacts of climate change.

  • Protect sensitive environments.

  • Protect development from hazardous lands (e.g. eroding slopes).

  • Acquire adequate recreational lands.